FAQ of service
The followers we send to your accounts are completely personal accounts and the sent accounts have the freedom to unfollow. If we give an example; Just as you do not want to follow people you do not know, it is the same in this case, those who follow you withdraw the follow-up because they do not know you.It is an interface that provides communication between programs known as Application Programming Interface. With the help of our API document on our site, you can connect our API to your website and sell. For this, you need to have basic programming knowledge. If you are an SMM panel owner, you can connect our API by contacting your SMM provider. We do not provide technical support for API connections. There is only one balance loading method on our panel. With the CardLink infrastructure integrated into the system, you can automatically load your balance 24/7. You have two different options with CardLink. The first is to load automatically with a credit card, and the second is to load by wire transfer. If you want to pay via CardLink by wire transfer method, you need to make a transfer notification after sending the transfer to CardLink accounts.My Followers Are Dropping What Should I Do?What is API?How Do I Load Balance?